a|cous|tic «uh KOOS tihk, -KOWS-», adjective.
1. having to do with the sense or the organs of hearing.
2. having to do with the science of sound (acoustics).
3. a) of or having to do with sound waves or sound. b) actuated, directed, or controlled by sound waves: »

an acoustic mine.

4. designed to absorb or reduce noise: »

a ceiling of acoustic tile.

5. of, having to do with, or produced on a musical instrument without amplification: »

Paul McCartney authorized a limited 500,000-copy release of

Paul McCartney Unplugged the Bootleg, »

which documents an all-acoustic concert (Time).

[< Greek akoustikós related to hearing < akoúein hear]
a|cous´ti|cal|ly, adverb.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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